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Let us be the wind ... beneath your child's wings..


With this fast transitioning world, we are walking towards the timezone of global culture and globalistation. It is also shaping the pace of our daily activities, ranging from lifestyle, education to business. So to enhance this progressive outlook of the society, we need to cater the specific etiquettes and global culture to our growing generations especially the kids. In William woods, we aim to provide a learning and knowledge filled environment to the kids. An environment which is designed to develop the mental capabilities of a child, which will help in building up their personality as a global citizen. It's time for us to gear up and accelerate our new education and learning patterns, which can take our children to the global platform WWK is all foot forward to drive in the direction which will make over kids all prepared to become world leaders.

Mission Right to Right Education

WWK bears the hallmark of harnessing the basics skills, positive attitudes, critical thinking and inquiry based learning in students to instill the quality of appreciation and respect for cultural diversity in their minds.  

Vision for all round development

The philosophy at William Woods Kindergarten lies in the principle that "learning should be fun-filled and enjoyable", which helps a child to unleash his creative potential. WWK works for the personality development, leadership skills and emotional growth of the child to their maximum potential. We understand that 50% of a child's adult intelligence develops in the first four years. lt therefore helps in developing the mental, physical and spiritual potential of a child in his early stage.The all round development nurtures a child into a well-balanced and integrated personality 

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Gym Zone

Physical activities in the gym help the children acquire the skills, confidence and a positive self-images.Activities are safe and age-appropriate. The children become delighted when they get to know about the control they have on their bodies under trained instructors.

Techno zone

William Woods Kindergarten Veteran faculty amalgamates technology & the curriculum together, it mentors the students to attain high level of comfort and confidence in the application of technology in their studies so that they can become future scholars.

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Fun and frolic zone

  • Cycling Track

  • Dolls House  

  • Swings

  •  Story Telling Corner

  • Sandpit

  • Skating Rink

  • Ball Room  

  • Toy Room

  •  Puppet Theatre 

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Music, Dance & Drama Zone

"Music is the rhythm of life", children learn to listen to the details of the music carefully & while dancing, they learn to be aware of their body movements.

Can be expected from william woods kindergarten ?

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At William Woods Kindergarten we aim to make a child confident independent learner. Our efforts are aimed in the way that child should be engaged in some activity where their mind is active & channelized. Our team is constantly researching new ideas to improve the learning process for the children. ‘ You give a room to a child and it becomes his Universe’.That's the power of imagination with his paramount energy and enthusiasm, children can do things much beyond our imagination.

Audio-visual zone

Audio-Visual centre imparts conceptual knowledge. Multimedia and Interaction based teaching builds interest and makes learning easy for each and every Prodigy

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William Woods Kindergarten gives vent to the attainment of knowledge by using multiple senses,moving, manipulating objects, observing, sorting and comparing, creative problem solving using intelligence, reflecting, documenting experiences and valuing for a comprehensive development for each and every future genius. According to William Woods Kindergarten the child should be of the following ages (given below) for admission in respective classes on 31st March of the year. 

Learning processes


Pre-primary education is a stepping stone for age group of 2-6 years normally. So WWK counselors help them adjust with the new environment, their tender hearts are nurtured with enormous amount of love and care and they are guided to become self-learners.

Growing with love & care

The development of a child goes through a series of foundational processes which are implemented step-by-step starting with the basics and then aiming at achieving the ultimate goal of happiness where the beginning blocks are love, care and security. The dedicated and motivated team of teachers create an atmosphere where a child can freely express and learn under their caring guidance. At William Woods Kindergarten, we provide a secure loving environment where children not only develop mentally but also socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually,

To prove the saying" school is a childs second home"

William Woods Kindergarten provides a rich stimulating and enjoyable environment that accelerates development while keeping the children happy. The various learning zones make their learning truly enjoyable.

Basics of development

The curriculum of WWK is aimed at all round development of a child. lt has been developed with the expertise and experience of our team for over 50 years of working in this particular field. It gives an opportunity to your child to experiment with ideas and gain new expriences. lt ensures the development of 6 basic life skills.

1. Cognitive or intellectual development
2. Language develoment
3. Physical and motor development
4. Emotional development
5. Creative expression & aesthetic expression
6. Social development 

Learn, explore in a free environment

The whole ambience of William Woods Kindergarten instills in a child, the skill to enjoy and explore his environment and channelise the abundant energy in a purposeful and creative manner. lnteriors with colorful and cheerful environment entice a child to learn and enjoy every moment. The air-conditioned classrooms are composed of several learning areas where each area develops a certain skill with child-friendly equipments and materials. Reading rooms, home living free play etc. There encourages a child to play, explore and express freely .A wide range of interesting activities like dramatizing and role play, painting, singing, drawing, group games, story telling puppet show, nature walk, stage performance sharpen a child's mind and helps to develop creativity.

Moral & ethical education 

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As educators, William Woods Kindergarten has sprinkled the essential moral elements in every aspect of the curriculum which intends to motivate young minds to make better choices and make them stronger and more confident.

To prove the saying" school is a child's second home" 

William Woods Kindergarten provides a rich stimulating and enjoyable environment that accelerates development while keeping the children happy. The various learning zones make their learning truly enjoyable.

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